If Traffic Had A Face I Would Punch It

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Use Your Words…

If Traffic Had A Face I Would Punch It

On second thought, maybe…don’t?

The Toddler: Tiny Overbearing Diaper Dictator Lacking Emotional Regulation

Here’s where all that unconditional love stuff really proves it’s point.

Yes, it is the dawning of the age of independence. The independent toddler who fills your heart with so much love they feel the need to try to (unsuccessfully) stomp some of it out every now and then. Specifically the second they lose the control of a situation.

Everything is a choice these days and the only right choice is the one made by them.

We’ve put emphasis on using words to communicate and it has now backfired. Your toddler will practice their semi-developed communication skills on you as they start using their brain to think independently. You may soon discover they are a little too good at developing their own opinions. Think… Anthony Fremont in the Twilight Zone episode It’s a Good Life.

Their mouth is now carefully loaded with a vast array of new words, waiting for the right moment to discharge them in the form of verbal aggression. They know no bounds and do not discriminate when or where their inner monster is unleashed. It will really amaze you how much one toddler is capable of throwing at you over your simple desire for them to wear a coat when it’s 20 degrees outside.

“I do NOT love you!” becomes a normal conversation piece.

“Sweetie how was your day?” might seem like a good segue for an unnecessarily angry response like “NO! GIVE ME SPACE!”

“You do NOT love Me” may bounce off your ears from time to time after you’ve done something terrible, like cook a meal they don’t want to eat.

Or you could simply be channeling your inner Frozen princess together and mid performance they demand that you stop “No DON’T sing! I don’t LIKE that!”

My daughter is a two-year old with the brain capacity of an incredibly emotional teenager. It’s psychological warfare from this point forward.

Your only defense in these situations is to simply tell them it makes you sad to hear those kinds of words. They won’t care of course, but rest assured, we all know our kids don’t really mean these things. Just like you still love them when they adamantly insist they don’t love you.

For now, go ahead sweet little toddler. We will take all the hits you wish to dish out. Just know we will still make you wear that coat because despite what you say, we do love you and when it comes to parenting some things are simply not negotiable.

5 thoughts on “Use Your Words…

  1. Ooooh I remember those years well… good luck, it get’s better then worse then back to better… ah and then the real teen years dawn!


    1. Can we just skip over the teen years completely?…I think I’d better fasten my seatbelt, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


  2. This is so funny but is the truth. I remember my 5 year old was the same way and she still is. She thinks she’s always right and like you said some things are not negotiable. Now i have to also wait patiently for my twins to reach that point in their lives and with two i am honestly a little scared.


    1. Seriously! I’d be scared if I were you…haha. My plans for any more kids are at a screeching halt until little miss is a bit more reasonable with her negotiation skills 😉


  3. I can totally relate!! I say “use your words” maybe 10 times a day!! Oh Toddlers 🙂 but right before I lose my mind I usually get a big hug and an “I lub you mommy” lol


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