If Traffic Had A Face I Would Punch It

When shit gets real you need to talk about it!

International Puppy Day

Today is “National Puppy Day”.  Sadly, I do not have a puppy. That’s ok though because what I do have is a toddler. A toddler is nothing more than a sophisticated house pet that happens to walk on two legs instead of four. Who knew all my previous years of dog ownership were just hard-core training for …

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Things That Make Me Angry

There will always be the obvious. Those things that make you angry in parenthood, like lack of sleep and the difficult mood swings that seem to overcome our children on a far more frequent basis than any sane person would ever sign up for. The fact that our happy morning is capable of taking a U-turn to hell …

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Baby names. A phenomenon I will never understand. For some reason picking the name of your child is one the most difficult decisions you will need to make in your adult life. It’s the one decision that is completely under your control and (unless you are the artist formerly known as Prince) once it’s chosen there’s no turning back. …

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